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About The Institute

The Institute of Failure Analysis (IFA) is the most experienced organization in Israel for Failure Investigation in a verity of facilities under different industries. The Institute exists more than 25 years and has executed more than 15,000 laboratory examinations and inspections of malfunction, accidents and damage events in areas of industry, transportation, construction and government (national catastrophes, and court claims). The verity of investigated topics include, train fire, collapse of lighting bridge in Herzl mountain, the disintegration of 42" fuel pipe near Eilat, etc' The examinations are being conducted by the aid of the material laboratory of the IFA (The Central Engineering Laboratory Ltd.) that had been accredited by ISRAC. The sophisticated equipment and the scientific personnel are engaged to give firm analytic-scientific answers to the professional questions aroused during the investigation. Between IFA customers one may find, organizations which are willing to investigate thoroughly a damage event within their organization in-order to prevent similar occurrences in the future, companies which suffered a loss and are interested to determine the loss cause in order to sue the responsible entity, entities that are being held responsible for a damage and are interested to verify or deny this argument, etc'

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