Inspection services provided by laboratory:

  • Metallographic testing - characterization of metals by identifying micro structure. The tests are carried out within laboratory (on metallographic samples) or on permisses on-site (of replica models).

  • Chemical analysis test - identifying the chemical composition of liquid precipitation identification materials. Test is performed Visit EDS via the top of a scanning electron microscope or spectrometer.

  • Mechanical tests - hardness testing (Vickers and knup), tensile testing and impact testing.

  • Coating quality inspection - measure thickness, continuity and adhesion.

  • Microscopy - from macroscopy (up to X100) with light microscope (up to X1000) and scanning electron microscope (up to X100, 000).

  • Temperature measurments - continuous review and / or a change Tmaprotra Ainkeermantlit accuracy of 0.1º.

  • Potenziodynamic & Corrossion behavior - Corrosion behavior of different materials are tested within the laboratory.

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