Consultation in materials selection

In order to produce a component of the best quality, a variety of aspects of the material characteristics must be examined in order to function properly in the conditions of the work environment. The Institute provides engineering consulting services in the field of materials engineering in order to achieve optimal engineering features. The consulting services are provided in the product planning and selection stages, in the supervision of the product quality improvement processes and in the product quality check.

The consulting services provided by the laboratory:

Metallurgy (respectively with ASTM standard E3)

  • Improve the properties of the material and control the micro-structure according to the application
  • Defining processes for treatment of metals for surface hardening

 Corrosion (in accordance with ASTM G3 standard)

  • Selecting suitable materials that are resistant to corrosion
  • Application of suitable solutions including cathodic protection and coating selection
  • Identification of failure mechanisms of corrosion according to the occurrence of damage including biological performances such as bio-corrosion

 Materials selection

  • Compliance with the thermal conditions of the application
  • Setting required level of difficulty
  • Characterization of the ability to withstand fatigue

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