Lubricant analysis and metal chip analysis


In order to asure that lubricated systems, such as motors, generators, hydraulics, ect' will operate satisfactorily, monitoring may be required.

Lubricant analysis

Lubricant examination is intended, therefore, to determine the integrity of oil and the mechanical condition of the system. Test provides information on adjusting the oil to continue the service or the exhaustion of its life and the need for replacement. Tests indicate the appropriate use of oil type or the overuse of oil. It also provides information on the presence of unusual wear, pollutants penetration of cooling liquid system leaks and so serves as early prediction tool of failures. In cases where the system already failed, checking the oil can imply on possible reasons for the failure and guide the operation for recommended maintenance actions to be performed on the system. Test indicates the general cleanliness of the system and the necessity for changing the oil filters.

A test package include:

  •  Wear metals content
  •  Oil viscosity
  •  The Acidity number
  •  Concentrations of oil additives
  •  Presence of contaminating liquids such as water pollution or fuel penetration
  •  Presence of pollutants such as dust or sand

Metal chip analysis- immediate assistance

Critical systems such as aircraft engines, energy turbines and continuons opereting systems are many times passively protected with magnetic plug detector, which collects metal debris within the system.
The institute laboratory is set to provide immediate service of testing  for the geometry & chemical identification of the chip/debris.

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