Failure analysis

The Institue of Failure Analysis (IFA) is the national leading institute in Israel in failure analysis of aircraft accidents for the Ministry of transportation.
IFA deals with other fields of transportation systems (marine, heavy duty, machinery), as well - see our laboratory reviews.
Failure analysis is a systematic procedure through which data is gathered in order to determine both failure mechanism and failure cause.

Failure research is an essential step in the process of quality assurance in order to identify the cause of failure and to prevent recurrence of the event. Followed are recommendations for possible upgrade solution in the existing system function, in the production process or to improve future training arrays.


Course of study is working in two channels:

  • Data channel
  • Testing channel

Data channel - data collected includes the history of the complex that was damaged, maintenance procedure, the circumstances of the damage, changes in product geometry versions and mishaps in same unit or in similar units. 

Testing channel - tests are performed on both the failed and on similar product for comparison.

Comperhensive process of failure analysis investigation consists of

  •  Visual inspection of the damage and remains.
  •  Nondestructive testing (including the use of x-rays or Ultrasound).
  •  Chemical characterization and mechanical testing.
  •  Computerized system simulation under conditions.

The result:

  •  Failure mechanism
  •  Failure cause

Solution & prevention (recommendutions)

  •  Product improvment
  •  Process effectivity
  •  Aproperiate instruction arrays
  •  Claim layout

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