Comparison of original and replacement vehicle parts

A large research project was conducted by the Institute for the Study of Failure, in which a comparison was made between alternative and original parts in various car models and in various tin and plastic items. The findings of the comparison of original replacement parts with replacement of various vehicles show that the quality of the spare parts is important for vehicle safety. We also learned that it is necessary to ensure that the replacement part is in the quality cartons of the original parts (see examples below).

As is well known, the garage manager, under the law, is responsible for the safe repair of vehicles. Installation of an unsafe replacement item may lead to malfunctions and failures, such as those that some of our work alerts warn. On the basis of our work, we contacted the Importers Association to assist us in preparing a procedure for receiving alternative items in Israel. On the basis of this work, the Ministry of Transport prepared a procedure 07/07 for importing tin parts into vehicles.

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