Lab Services


  • Stereoscopy (X10 - X100)
  • Light microscopy (X100 - X1000)
  • Scanning Electron Microscope - SEM (up to X100,000). + EDX chemical analysis


  • Metallographic sample preparation (laboratory samples and replica samples)
  • Engineering diagnostics of metallographic samples
  • Characterization of material structure and processes
  • Characterization of coatings and surface treatments

Mechanical properties:

  • Hardness test
  • Tensile test
  • Impact test

Corrosion Tests:

  • Potentiodynamic Characterization 
  • Electrochemistry experiments

Lubricant analysis:

  • Physical properties (viscosity, acidity, water content, precipitation, etc.)
  • Spectrometery (wear metals and additives content)
  • Particle Counting
  • Ferrography (+ +) - accurate micro analysis of chemical identification
  • Chemical analysis of chips detected in chip detection plugs


  • Macro, micro Photography


Engineering Services


  • Characterization of various materials (metal and electronics industry) for specific engineering applications
  • Determine different processes for metal - treatment and hardening process
  • Identifying defects, abnormalities, malfunctions in materials (ferrons & non-ferous) in buildings and machinery


  • Material selection and environmental effect on corrosion rate
  • Implementation of appropriate solutions that include cathodic protection, the choice of coatings
  • Identification of corrosion mechanisms of failure, including the initiation of bio-corrosion (MIC) damage

Construction (building) materials:

  • Design of concrete mix for special applications
  • Problems in concrete corrosion
  • Cover and coating materials for structures
  • Thermal resistance of buildings
  • Recommendations for geotechnic layers for roads

Industrial lubricants:

  • Characterization and inspection of lubricated systems under periodic monitoring or under root cause analysis procedure

Aeronautics and machinery:

  • Functional definition of systems
  • Choosing a high school production of aviation mechanical systems
  • Fracture mechanical finite element analysis
  • Improving the mechanical systems and examining proposals for improving or changing the components and systems equipment
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